PitchFunder: the power of crowdfunding for ASU

See the world! The Graphic Design Student Association raised enough to send
50 students to Seattle over spring break.

The ASU Foundation offers the entire ASU community a way to show off big ideas to a really big audience. PitchFunder will give you the training, the tools and the tech to raise funds to support your group, your research or your project.


You supply the bright idea, and we’ll help you really shine.

  • A crowdfunding campaign helps you enlist your network and recruit new supporters into a crowd of motivated investors funding your idea.
  • The average PitchFunder campaign uses 20 team members, engages 55 donors and raises $4,500.
  • The idea is yours. The expertise is ours. We can provide your group with all the training and techniques you need to get your project funded.
  • Plan on 30 exciting days for your campaign. Commit 3 months from the acceptance of your project application to getting your check in the mail.

Does PitchFunder like just what your idea needs? Contact the Office of Annual Giving using the form below or learn more.