Salute to Service: Support ASU Veterans

When you give to veterans at ASU, you help them succeed in a new mission: to earn an ASU degree.

Salute to Service: Support ASU Veterans

When veterans succeed at ASU, they are able to integrate their knowledge and skills into the civilian workforce. You can help! Your generosity will make a difference through:

The Veterans Education Fund

Some assume veterans' education is fully supported by the G.I. Bill when in reality they are responsible for many expenses at a time when they're no longer earning a military salary. Through your support of the Veterans Education Fund, you can help provide flexible need- and merit-based scholarships that help veterans not only meet expenses but also bolster their education by attending conferences or engaging research projects.

The Pat Tillman Veteran Center

Veterans at ASU work hard to achieve their academic goals. The values they learned in the armed forces serve them well: discipline, leadership skills, self-reliance and devotion to service. 

Sometimes veterans face challenges transitioning from the life they knew well - the U.S. military. Fortunately, they are not alone on their new journey. The Pat Tillman Veteran Center is committed to helping veterans succeed. Most of the people who work at the Tillman center are veterans, so they have the knowledge and perspective to help them navigate every hurdle - from their first contact with the university all the way to graduation. But we can't fulfill our mission to empower military veterans to succeed without the generosity of supporters like you.

When you support ASU veterans, you ensure they have the support they need to earn a degree and continue serving their country. 


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