Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory

This initiative provides onsite consulting for a multitude of international clients, using the skills of our Thunderbird graduate students.

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory

The TEM Lab personifies Thunderbird’s mission of global prosperity, impacting the lives not only of our students but of clients around the world. Please be a part of this unique program by making a gift in support of the TEM Lab today. In just five years: the Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory (TEM Lab) has provided onsite consulting for 50 international clients, in 24 countries, using the skills of more than 250 Thunderbird graduate students. Since 2009 this important program has continued to address both client company needs while supporting Thunderbird’s mission of creating global prosperity.

About TEM Lab:

TEM Lab is a consulting capstone experience that allows Thunderbird students to work with a client organization in an emerging market. Together, they work towards our business school’s mission while still completing their academic requirements. The experience provides students with a five-to-six week full cultural immersion experience that broadens their horizons and deepens their understanding of what it means to be a global citizen in a connected global community. All students are required to apply as a team and enter a selective interview process where project specific skill sets are reviewed by program advisers.

Financial Need:

The Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory is at risk due to budget cuts and the program’s reliance on outside project-to-project financial support. Although each company sponsor is asked to contribute $25,000 in project funding, an additional $40,000 to $70,000 is needed annually to cover additional project costs.

Our Mission:

To take the first step in creating a sustainable fund that 1) supports the future financial needs of this important academic program and 2) creates stakeholder awareness for continued program fundraising initiatives. The Graduating Class of 2015 recognizes this particular academic program as being vital to the school’s global impact, cultural mystique, and Thunderbird’s unique standing among global education institutions.

Please support our ability to continue student led consulting projects that: Bring Thunderbird classroom skills to an emerging market on behalf of an international clientele. Protects Thunderbird’s ability to fulfill its mission of creating global sustainable prosperity. Build on Thunderbird’s marketability among international education institutions. Contributes to future employment opportunities for Thunderbird students. For more information on the Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory please visit us at: 

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