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Responsible Pesticide Management

Adopt a Project: Responsible Pest Management

Responsible Pesticide Management

Integrated Pest Managment is not a single pest control method, but it is “a continuously improving process in which innovative solutions are integrated and locally adapted as they emerge." Because IPM is subject to constant change and is highly contextual, measurement of IPM success and communication about those metrics is also constantly shifting across many nodes of the value chain, making it difficult to consistently and practically communicate across the value chain about practices used.


To address this challenge, we are working to develop a practical, global, and science-based approach for measuring responsible pest management across diverse agricultural systems to enable the assessment of leadership in pest management and to create improved communication throughout the value chain about the pest management practices used. 


Your gift will help us create a framework that will enable consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers to better understand and communicate effectively with consumers about the pest management practices used in the products they make and sell.


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