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Helping Cities with Waste Diversion Metrics

Adopt a Project: Waste Diversion Metrics

Helping Cities with Waste Diversion Metrics

Your city probably has a recycling program, but how do you know if its efforts are being effective?

Many commercial and government entities have made commitments towards reducing waste to landfill. Currently, however, waste management systems measure waste diversion by weight, no longer a reliable metric because of the “evolving ton.”

TSC is working with the City of Phoenix on a pilot project to measure and map the process of waste recycling, reduction and reuse. By mapping the waste management system, we are working to create new metrics and best practices for this crucial process. Our lead researchers have extensive expertise in consumer product sustainability metrics and science-driven KPIs, making them uniquely positioned to help facilitate environmental impact reduction and resource prevention through waste diversion.  Ultimately, this exciting project will identify performance measures that capture the holistic progress that municipal waste management and recycling systems are making to benefit the environment and society, in addition to creating circular material flows.

Our goal is 40% diversion of waste by 2020, but one city or company can’t solve the problem of waste alone. With your help, this program could be scaled for additional communities, corporate facilities, supply chains, and beyond. Your support will make an impact!


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