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Emergency Fund for Foster Youth at ASU

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Emergency Fund for Foster Youth at ASU

Do you remember the freedom of summer break after a year of hard classwork and grueling finals? Maybe you had a summer job or took a vacation south. While plenty of students today are dreaming of a class-free summer, students in foster care may be facing a different reality.

Without a consistent, reliable support network, foster youth may face food insecurity, untreated health issues and homelessness between semesters.

The Big Picture

Just 10% of foster youth pursue higher education in the U.S. and of that small number, only 3% will graduate. Financial insecurity in and out of school is what leads many former foster students to dropping out early. The cost of college can be high for many students, and foster youth are at considerable risk for not being able to afford

  • Books
  • Housing
  • Regular meals
  • Healthcare
  • Unexpected costs

These challenges can be overwhelming for a student on their own.

“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the emergency fund I have received. When my roommate moved out before the lease ended, I found myself in unexpected financial difficulties. With the emergency fund I did not stress out like usually would. Instead, I was able to focus on my classes. Getting help in a sudden situation means everything, and also it motivates me in a way…wanting to become the one who gives someday.” - Anne, Environmental Design major

Students like Anne are strong and resilient. Support from Bridging Success and the Emergency Fund help her feel empowered and emboldened to achieve her higher education goals.

Help ASU Provide a Village

They say it takes village to raise a child and ASU works to provide a safe and secure community for foster youth pursuing higher education through Bridging Success and other organizations.

Bridging Success, part of the Watt's College of Public Service and Community solutions, helps foster youth navigate higher education by providing FAFSA and college application support, financial support beyond federal state tuition programs, ongoing personal coaching, and many other resources. Your support of the Bridging Success Emergency Fund will ensure foster youth needing healthcare, groceries, and housing can get their needs met and can ultimately succeed in their higher education goals.

Choose a giving level


The Gift of Preparation

A gift of this amount can help a student pay for school supplies for next semester: notebooks, binders, highlighters, printing, etc.


The Gift of Health

A gift of this amount can provide one student's Bridge Plan: On campus counseling and health services for the summer.


The Gift of Knowledge

A gift of this amount could pay for one semester of books


The Gift of Home

A gift of this amount could cover the cost of a student's on campus housing for the summer.

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