Bridging Success

"Growing up without a family to help me, college seemed like an impossible dream. Life changed when I discovered the generous, giving hand of scholarships. How crazy is life? I can go from aging out of foster care to finding my place at ASU." -- Courtney, a sophomore  

Bridging Success

Statistics tell us Courtney's path to graduation is not a sure thing. Nobody's is, really. But former foster youth face unique challenges. Some figures say only 10 percent of former foster youth attend college and, of that, only 3 percent graduate. But with Courtney's dedication and hard work and your support for Bridging Success at ASU, she and other foster youth at ASU stand a great chance of improving those odds.  

ASU’s Bridging Success at ASU is a network of support for former foster youth that helps them throughout their college journey--until they graduate with a college degree.


When you give to ASU and Bridging Success, you ensure Courtney's hard work leads to a brighter future. We don't always see our generous donors, but you're always in the picture.


From helping with scholarship opportunities, applications, personal and academic challenges, on- and off-campus resources to building an ASU family, Bridging Success helps former foster youth thrive and succeed at ASU. It's Early Start program is a free, intensive, and fun program that allows them to move on campus early, meet other students, connect with key faculty and staff, and build a supportive team.  

“Bridging Success prepared me for college my freshman year. This semester, I’m blessed to hold a peer mentorships position with Bridging Success. Hopefully I can inspire other former foster youth with this amazing opportunity.”  — Courtney


This Giving Tuesday, make an impact on the lives of students like Courtney. Give now to Bridging Success.




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