What is sunhacks?

sunhacks is a student-run organization based at Arizona State University. Collegiate hackathons have been a fast-growing movement across the country — these events have brought together students from all backgrounds into a common space that embraces collaboration and creativity. Last year, we were able to bring this culture to Phoenix, Arizona embodied in Desert Hacks and SWHacks and we want to continue expanding this innovative community.


Our vision this year is to bring hackers of all backgrounds together for a 36-hour session of bringing their ideas to life. By attracting students from around the country to our annual hackathon, we will cultivate the local tech community and provide students brand-new opportunities and connections.


The goal for sunhacks is to create an annual event that promotes creativity, innovation, diversity, and community in tech. With your support we will be able to create an exciting event for mentors and hackers alike that provides students with a one of a kind hands on learning experience and promotes a strong hacker culture.  

Why Sponsor

This year, sunhacks will be a culmination of three successful past hackathons. We believe that with our conjoined efforts, we can host an even larger and more successful event that can become a mainstay for future generations of aspiring hackers. Through sponsoring sunhacks, you cultivate students’ technological growth across the nation. In addition to fostering student growth, your support will also benefit your own organization in many ways.


By sponsoring, you have the chance to:


  • Showcase your products and APIs

  • Network with top students from around the country

  • Gain access to resumes and portfolios

  • Provide mentorship for students in their tech ventures

  • Market your company and brand to all of the attendees

  • Host and judge a prize category

  • + much more


With your support, we can create a new technological tradition and provide each of our passionate participants with an experience to remember. If there any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at


We hope to hear back from you soon and look forward to working together to turn

our vision of sunhacks into reality.


Thank you for your time,

The sunhacks Team

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