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Young Engineers Shape the World(YESW)

Supporting and empowering young women to develop their identities as future engineers!

Young Engineers Shape the World(YESW)

Young Engineers Shape the World is program offered by Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering that takes place during out-of-school time. The program seeks to help high school students view engineering as a socially relevant profession. Through a variety of weekend events, participants spend time exploring individual fields of engineering through hands-on activities that are developed to help shape their engineering identityAimed at attracting female students in 10th-12th grade, YESW seeks to increase the representation of women in engineering fields. 


Why engineering?

Engineers are creative problem solvers, but you might not realize just how much of an impact they have on the things you rely on every day. Never before have we had a human population of seven billion people, all needing food, water, shelter, energy, healthcare, education and employment. Engineers help solve complex problems to help provide:

  • water for communities around the world
  • make alternative energy efficient and affordable for those with limited access
  • design enhanced human-machine interactions
  • develop tools that help physicians save lives
  • create materials that heal themselves

All Young Engineers Shape the World students will engage in Saturday sessions with one of our partner YESW educators and ASU engineering students. They will learn about how engineering impacts everyday life, what engineers do, the types of problems undergraduate students solve, various fields of engineering and the steps needed to pursue a career in engineering.


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Your donation can provide valuable support to these areas:


Arduino Starter Kit $100 covers the cost of one Arduino Starter Kit for use in our Engineering Library. These materials can be checked out by students to use for at-home activities

Program Materials $150 covers the cost of materials for one 3-hour engineering workshop

Evening with Engineers $300 provides transportation for students to attend Evening with Engineers: Industry Nights

Mentor $600 provides a university mentor a stipend for semester participation

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