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AZLoop- Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team!

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AZLoop- Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team!


All the funds go to competition 3 costs, AZLoop's development of Hyperloop technology,​ and will help provide real hands-on engineering, business and team project experience to over 80 students!


About AZLoop - Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team


AZLoop - Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team is a team of brilliant students representing various fields of science,

engineering, and business working together on something that doesn't occur too often in history AZLoop is participating in the development of a world leading transformative technology. 


We need your support!

This year we are gearing up to take part at SpaceX's Competition 3 in The 2018 Hyperloop Pod Competition  which will take place on July 22, 2018. Our team is hard at work putting our designs together but we need your support to raise vital funds to complete the build-out of the pod prototype and to get us to competition in Hawthorne, CA. Our team is excited to once again represent Arizona in this great competition and we look forward to having your support to make this possible.


What is Hyperloop?

Imagine the Hyperloop pod as a bullet train on a magnetic track which levitates and propels inside a low-pressure tube environment. This environment allows the fullscale hyperloop pod to travel at speeds up to 760 mph. The Hyperloop is cheaper, faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly than current methods of transportation. This new method of transportation was proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. To encourage the concept among the public, Elon and his company SpaceX announced their student Hyperloop competition for university students to design and build the best transport pod for the Hyperloop system. 


This was done to allow students to gain real world experience. The competition speeds up the process of developing this technology and bringing it to market faster.  The Hyperloop has the power to change the way we transport cargo, the way we travel, and will allow us  to reclaim time lost with existing modes of transportation while spreading our connections to more cities than ever before. 


What are the benefits of a Hyperloop?


Emission free - In comparison to the average commuter and current modes of transportation, the Hyperloop does not directly contribute to pollution. Installations connecting major cities that are Less than 900 miles apart will help reduce pollution significantly. 

Time saving - Transportation speeds will increase, allowing a time savings for personal travel and speed up delivery of cargo. 

Energy efficient - The Hyperloop system will run on electricity generated by solar panels installed on top of the tube. Energy will also be stored in battery packs allowing it to operate at night and during periods of cloudy weather.

Low cost - The entire Hyperloop system is significantly Less expensive than current proposed transportation projects. 


Below is a breakdown of the costs for competition 3, this is subject to change.



  • Braking                                                                 $5,900
  • Dynamics                                                              $5,200
  • Levitation                                                              $6,500
  • Power & Electronics                                             $12,600
  • Propulsion                                                             $13,500
  • Materials & Manufacturing                                    $6,000
  • System Integrations                                              $2,500
  • Business                                                               $7,800                               


TOTAL                                     $60,000


We would love it if you donated and shared it with your friends & family! Any amount is of great help, please spread the word. 

Thank you for all of the support & we are working hard to make you proud this July 2018 at Competition 3!

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Any amount is of great help! We would love it if you shared this campaign with your friends and anyone who might be interested in seeing the Hyperloop transport system become a reality!


Coffee for the team

It's no secret that what we are doing is difficult and takes a lot of time, we will be in need of coffee during summer to keep us working. An amount like this can help with that.



Any amount helps and can go a long way



This can buy the team food when we are working during the summer.



This can help us buy personal protective equipment.



This can help buy some necessary tools to build the pod for competiton


Room for competition weekend

A donation of this amount can help pay for a place to stay during competition weekend for multiple team members.



A donation of this amount can go a long way and help us buy the necessary materials to build the pod.


Company Level Donation

We have a sponsorship packet where we offer more information to companies who would like to donate higher amounts. If you work for a company that may be interested in donating higher amounts and wants to see their name marketed at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition at their headquarters, please get in contact with us by emailing

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