Provide a life-changing student-athlete experience

You have the power to create an environment that enables young men and women to be champions in competition, academics and life!

Provide a life-changing student-athlete experience

For the 600-plus Sun Devil student-athletes competing in 26 NCAA varsity sports, Sun Devil Club support is the foundation for their collegiate experience, which is unlike any other in the nation.

You can help enhance the Sun Devil Athletics student-athlete experience. Every dollar you donate goes directly toward funding needs associated with the daily lives of our student-athletes, including providing additional nutrition and meal options, increased academic tutoring and professional development initiatives, improved medical care, and upgraded equipment, among other things.  

Only together can we create this experience, and change the lives and shape the futures of countless young men and women. 

All gifts at the $100 level or above will receive a 2019 Sun Devil Club calendar featuring photos of all 26 of our varsity sports.

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