Sun Devil Motorsports is the Formula chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) at Arizona State University. 


We have a passion for engineering design. We design, manufacture, test, and demonstrate marketability for our in-house formula style vehicles. Every year, we compete against many other teams in an international competition, and this year, we're setting the bar higher than ever! 


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Sun Devil Motorsports Official Unveiling

March 16, 2019

Thanks to your immense support over the course of our campaign, our team has been making great strides. We are currently getting ready to paint our chassis and are fitting the last few components to the rolling chassis. Our new aero package that consists of a 2-element front wing and a 3-element rear wing along with side pods, nosecone, and undertray is almost finished. We are also manufacturing the support brackets for the rear wing and the undertray is being laid up with epoxy. Recently, we have submitted our impact attenuator results to SAE, which prove that our car can safely absorb a low-speed, head on collision that demonstrates how much force the car can withstand. The suspension will also be finalized next week, as the shocks and steering rack are now ready to be mounted on the car. Finally, the engine has been placed on the chassis and the wiring harness will soon be fitted to provide us power. The car is in its final stages and all the hard work by the team is coming together nicely. 


Sun Devil Motorsports is also excited to announce our unveil event, which will take place at 400 E Orange St, Tempe on March 26th at the Student Pavilion. The event begins at 5:30 PM and is expected to run till about 7:30 PM. For those that have donated to our campaign we would truly appreciate you showing up and checking out the car. Meet the team, have fun, and enjoy our full catering services. 


Please click the following link to RSVP to our cars unveiling,


Sun Devil Motorsports

ASU Formula SAE Team

Chief Engineer Michael Kuntz Talks Mission, Vision, and Strategy

February 27, 2019

Three weeks into our campaign, and thanks to the generous support of our mentors, friends, and donor, we are approaching the halfway mark to funding our students' travel to competition!


To kick off the final week of our campaign, we decided to bring you a set of short documentary films. The series is titled "Pitchfunder Stories," and it is centered around providing the Sun Devil Motorsports family with a "sneak peek" into the structure, functions, and underlying motivations of our robust engineering organization. Join us this week for our first installment, where Chief Engineer Michael Kuntz outlines his vision & intent for the organization. 


We could not be where we are today without the generous support of the community that surrounds us. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to making you proud at this year's competition!


Sun Devil Motorsports

ASU Formula SAE Team




Rolling Chassis Complete

February 15, 2019

After 7 months of design and plenty of long nights in the shop, the team finally has a rolling chassis with a fully actuating suspension and steering system installed. This is a huge accomplishment for Sun Devil Motorsports as we are over 2 months ahead of where we were last year. There are big ambitions to continue laying up carbon for the nose cone this week and to get the car fully running by next month in time for our unveil event on March 26th. With these future goals in mind, we plan to have ample testing time available to shakedown the car and get drivers trained for competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. We want to thank all of our supporters and donors for making the dream possible and we can't wait to share more exciting stories from the shop here in Tempe. 


Sun Devil Motorsports

ASU Formula SAE Team

Rolling Chassis and Aero Fabrication

February 13, 2019

Sun Devil Motorsports is approaching major milestones this week. A rolling chassis is in the final stages of being completed thanks to the vehicle dynamics department with the help of Advanced Energy Ideas (AEI) who has generously laser cut some of our suspension components. This accomplishment keeps us right on schedule and allows us to see how our suspension will actuate in real-world conditions. The welding team has been constantly putting on new tabs so that we now have the skeleton of our race car. It's always an exciting time to be able to see the team's designs come to life.


Another big achievement being made this week is that of our carbon fiber aero kit. The aerodynamics team will be laying up the carbon fiber for the nose cone this week and have finished making the negative mold seen below (Bottom View Shown). Thanks to Gougeon Brothers for supplying us with West Systems epoxy and Composite Envisions for the discounted carbon. In addition to the nose cone, high density polyurethane foam from Duna Inc. is currently being cut to make the molds for our front wing endplates. We could not be this far in the process without the help from our sponsors and from the aerodynamics team who stay up late on their own time to get the car ready for competition. 


The business team has also been putting together interviews of some of our members, giving you insider access into how our team operates and the passion behind our projects. These "PitchFunder Stories" will be a unique addition to our updates that will highlight our member's contributions and will show why we are dedicated to the success of the team. These stories will be up shortly, so keep a close eye and follow us on social media on Facebook, @Sun_Devil_Motorsports on Instagram, and @ASU_motorsports on Twitter using #SDMRoadToComp


These accomplishments mark a substantial improvement for the team compared to last year and we are expecting to have more time for physical testing that will drastically increase the reliability and performance of our car at competition. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your support.


- Sun Devil Motorsports

  ASU Formula SAE Team

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