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Food Waste and Hunger

Adopt a Project: Food Waste and Hunger

Food Waste and Hunger

In the United States alone, over 133 billion pounds of food is landfilled each year. At the same time, 40 million Americans live in food-insecure households.


While considerable food waste occurs on farms or after consumers purchase food products, a significant amount of waste also occurs in the value chain between food manufacturers/processors and their retail customers. As with many other sustainability issues, food waste is more likely to occur where there is low visibility into what is happening in the value chain. In addition, improvements can only be made when diverse stakeholders across the value chain have an improved understanding of the operations leading to surplus foods and barriers to food donation.


By donating to this project, you will be helping TSC engage with retailers, food manufacturers, NGOs, and food rescue organizations to create transparency into what happens to food sold through both Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and central distribution methods.Your gift will be used to develop interventions to decrease the amount of food wasted while increasing the amount of food donated within communities.




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