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Microbiota Transplant Therapy-Children with Autism

Help Raise Funds for a Research Study on Microbiota Transplant for Autism in Children

Microbiota Transplant Therapy-Children with Autism

Dear Autism Community,

We have received emails from hundreds of families asking us to start another of microbiota transplant therapy for children.  So, we are launching this crowdsourcing campaign to fund our next child study.

Our previous Phase 1 study of Microbiota Transplant Therapy for 18 children with autism  found great improvement in both autism symptoms and gastrointestinal problems, both initially and at a two-year follow-up. Click here to learn more about Phase 1. 

We are now conducting a Phase 2 clinical trial of Microbiota Transplant Therapy (MTT) for adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which is going well.

With your generous support, we can start a Phase 2 study for children with ASD and chronic gastrointestinal problems, and eventually win FDA approval so that MTT is available to millions of children and adults with ASD.

For more information on our study plans, go to



Prof. James B. Adams, PhD (autism researcher and autism dad)

Prof. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, PhD (microbiome expert)

Arizona State University


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