Samantha Stachel Play Big Scholarship

Help raise funds to support students who Play BIG in their lives despite their challenges. Your generosity creates a ripple effect to inspire and educate people and community to Play BIG in their lives and support those facing challenges. 

Samantha Stachel Play Big Scholarship

Samantha's Story

The Samantha Stachel Play Big Scholarship at Barrett is inspired by Samantha Stachel and the life she lived. Samantha played BIG her whole life, regardless of her circumstances. She was diagnosed at age seven with a malignant bone tumor, which recurred several times through her teen years. However, cancer was merely a side note in Samantha’s life. She placed a high value on education and was a compassionate leader in her community. Before she passed away on April 18, 2013 at the age of 18, her stellar academic achievement, leadership and service in her community earned her admission to Barrett. Samantha’s doctors had shared with her that, unlike Samantha, many of their patients ‘threw in the towel’ upon learning they had cancer and suggested that Samantha consider publicly sharing her story to inspire others experiencing unimaginable situations to fully engage in their lives. This made an impression on Samantha who never backed down in the face of many recurrences and arduous challenges along the way. In conversations between Samantha and her mother Barrie, they created the Play Big concept that would showcase people who, like Samantha, played BIG to inspire others to continue forward in their lives in a BIG way, despite adversity.

You Support Barrett Students

While Samantha Stachel cannot physically attend ASU as a student, her spirit and passion for life, academic excellence, and helping others will be present at Barrett through the Samantha Stachel Play Big Scholarship. Established in Samantha's honor, this scholarship looks to inspire and recognize students who have achieved much in the face of their life challenges, while displaying academic success, leadership, character, and persistence in the face of adversity.

Help honor her life by supporting the Samantha Stachel Play Big Scholarship that goes directly to supporting students that have faced extreme circumstances prior to and/or while attending Barrett. Through your generous support, we are lucky to be able to support multiple recipients each year with funds for tuition, room, board, or books. 

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