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Provide Clean Water to Naki, Kenya!

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Provide Clean Water to Naki, Kenya!

Clean water for all. 

We are the Engineers Without Borders ASU International Group, working to provide a Kenyan village with clean drinking water. Currently, their sources of water are muddy ponds that cows wade through. This causes severe widespread illness within the community.

What is Engineering Without Borders?

Similar to Doctors Without Borders, Engineering Without Borders is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to impoverished communities worldwide. EWB has many charters across the United States, including here at ASU.

What are we doing?

This spring, we will be traveling to Naki, Kenya to survey the land and the pond in order to start designing a water purification system. Without this trip, we will be unable to take the first step towards clean water!

What can you do?

Any size donation would help us get to Kenya. A few dollars could be the difference between providing a child clean water to drink and not.  

Why focus on water?

According to the World Health Organization, 785 million people around the world lack access to a basic drinking water service. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Clean water is desperately needed by people around the world in order to live a healthy life. By providing Naki with clean water, we are saving lives on a widespread scale.

Past Projects

The Engineering Without Borders charter here at ASU has completed projects both locally and globally, from the Navajo Reservation to provinces within India and Kenya.  The ASU International Team just finished a five year project in the rural community of Bondo, Kenya repairing a dam, improving a teacher's training college, and making a catchment to collect rainwater.

Battling Gender Inequality

Women and children spend a large part of their days walking to and from the puddle to get water for their families.  Implementing this design would allow women and girls to have time to attend school to get a quality education instead of gathering water. 

The impact doesn't stop there.

Your donation not only helps the people of Naki, Kenya, but also us the students. Through Engineers Without Borders, we are gaining real work experiences and a greater perspective of the world. Your help not only allows us to grow as people, but helps us in our careers. 


Thank you!

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AntiMalarial Pills

We will take these once a day while in Kenya to make sure we don't get sick! Staying healthy is very important to be able to make a difference in Naki.


Kenya Visa

We each need a visa to get into the country!


Yellow Fever Vaccination

Help us protect ourselves from this virus while we help the people of Naki, Kenya!


Flight to Kenya!

Get one of us all the way across the world so that we can take the first step in providing Naki, Kenya clean water!

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