Psych for Life - A Promise, A Philosophy, and Innovative Programs

Innovating psychology interventions for the real world. 

Psych for Life - A Promise, A Philosophy, and Innovative Programs

Dollar-for-Dollar-Match up to $25k!

“If we committed to educating Psychology students for life, and not just for four years, what would we need to do differently?”

 With this question, ASU’s Department of Psychology launched Psych for Life.

Our promise:  To add significant value to our students’ lives, while they’re enrolled at ASU but also long after

Our philosophy:  Psychological science can change lives for the better.  It provides evidence-based insights useful for strengthening student academic achievement, enhancing access to careers, and improving the quality of friendships, romantic relationships, parenting, mental and physical well-being, work, aging, and community.

From this Promise and Philosophy emerge Innovative Programs facilitating

  • Student Success 
  • Career Preparation 
  • Solutions to the Challenges of Everyday Living

We’re all in.   

We’ve been investing from our own limited discretionary funds to launch the Psych for Life vision. But our ambitions go far beyond what we can accomplish with state funding and student tuition (and no one wants to raise student tuition!)  

We also need your help.

Your contribution to the Innovation Fund will help us: 

  • Enhance student success:  More coaching hours in our Student Success Center means more student achievement. 
  • Increase internship participation:  Internship experiences provide students with the skills and experiences they’ll need for success when they leave university for careers and life. 
  • Open students' eyes to a wide variety of career opportunities: Check out our Psych for Life: Career Pathways series!
  • Build a mentorship platform to bring together ASU Psychology alumni and current students. Mentors enhance success—across all aspects of life.
  • Improve access to research opportunities for disadvantaged and underrepresented students.
  • Translate psychological discovery into engaging and helpful real-world solutions.
  • And more!

Together, we can better

prepare our students for academic success;

prepare our students for their many years beyond their time on campus; and   

bring evidence-based psychology to solve people’s everyday problems.


Thank you for supporting Psych for Life!

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