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Restoring Humanity with Music

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Restoring Humanity with Music

What We Do:

Are we losing our humanity? We don't think so. Despite the social ills we see today, our community is still alive with compassion, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, integrity, respect, and self-reflection — 7 principles that are classified through the Humanity 101 Movement within Project Humanities.

We are bringing legendary Motown artist Bobby Taylor from Hong Kong to Arizona State University to produce a song which will mobilize our bridge building efforts and encourage others to continue exemplifying the 7 principles of the Humanity 101 Movement. This song was written by the legendary songwriter/lead guitarist, the late great Dick Wagner (known for his collaboration with Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss, and more). Bobby Taylor's musical production of Mr. Wagner's song, "Humanity (Love is in the Air)" brings together a historic collaboration between legends of rock n' roll and Motown soul. Producing the song, "Humanity (Love is in the Air)" will be a collective effort between community members and students, embracing the unified spirit that Humanity 101 and the culture of ASU promote so heavily. By funding these efforts, you will be playing a pivotal role in propelling this Humanity 101 movement forward through a fully immersive community collaboration. 

Our Impact:

Bobby Taylor has made an impactful influence on the music industry as a Motown artist with his work with the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and many more artists. The production of "Humanity (Love is in the Air)" will be impactful through the collaboration with the local Arizona community, musicians, and artists. Bobby Taylor, will bring his knowledge of the music industry at a time when music had a meaning behind each lyric to Arizona State University. The completion of the song will allow Project Humanities' "Humanity 101" initiative to grow beyond the Arizona community and spread the Humanity 101 principles to a larger audience, showcasing the power of humanity through music.

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27 Hours

A gift of $27 represents the number of hours it took to record "Humanity (Love is in the Air)." The recording process includes the time and talent of 11 singers, 7 musicians, and 2 engineers under the direction of Bobby Taylor.


11 Voices

A gift of $101 could cover the cost of one of eleven singers who contributed their voices and hearts to turning "Humanity (Love is in the Air)" into a song for the ages.


1 Studio

A gift of $388 could cover the cost of the studio space where legendary Motown artist & creator, mentor and producer Bobby Taylor will produce and create "Humanity (Love is in the Air)". This song was written by the late and renowned songwriter/lead guitarist Dick Wagner.


365 Days of Humanity

A gift of $1302 could cover the cost of the professional musicians who will bring to life Dick Wagner’s "Humanity (Love is in the Air)" to be a daily reminder to be compassionate, to show empathy, to give forgiveness, to have integrity, to give kindness, to show respect, and to self-reflect.

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