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Devils to Devils: Helping ASU Online Students

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Devils to Devils: Helping ASU Online Students

The College of Public Service and Community Solutions has almost 7,000 students, and over 40% study in our online degree programs. A number of our online students live in Houston and Florida, or the surrounding areas and have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma and the resulting flooding. In an effort to support our online classmates and to make sure their education at ASU is not hindered by the recent disaster, we are asking you to join us in our work to quickly deploy funds to students in need. 


Hurricane’s like Irma and Harvey has devastated their surrounding areas, including many of our ASU online classmates. Faced with the challenges of lack of shelter, food, books, and clothing, many of our students may be forced to leave ASU without completing their degrees. These students have already lost so much. Their education is important for their future. We want to be a part of the solution by providing the basic needs students impacted by the flooding need to continue their studies in our College.


We are a group of social work students from ASU's College of Public Service and Community Solutions, working to alleviate effects from Hurricane Harvey for our classmates who are based in Texas or Florida, or have families who live in either state. The impact from the Hurricane extends far beyond us, but we are working to ensure that our ASU online classmates still have the opportunity to continue their education and reach their goals of obtaining a degree, in spite of this recent catastrophe. In short, we are students helping students.


Many of you have been looking for practical ways to assist people who have been impacted by the hurricane and flooding. Contributing to this campaign is an easy way to get involved. Something as simple as buying a textbook for a student who lost their books in the flood is an immediate way of making a difference for a student in need. If you are a student, think about how difficult it would be to complete your classes without your books and laptop.

If we all join together, even a small amount can help. We have 2,000 students in the social work program. If every student in our school gave just $10, we could raise $20,000 and meet our goal! 

Now imagine...what if all 7,000 students in our college got involved? And hey, what if faculty and staff helped too? We could really do something. So, it's not about giving a lot, it's about A LOT of people giving a little, if we all get involved, this adds up to making a BIG impact for students in the Houston and Florida area. Don't miss out. Join us!



In light of recent catastrophic weather events in the United States, we have decided to extend our scope of work to help displaced students beyond the Houston area, and to include our ASU online classmates in Florida as well. In the event the funds raised cannot be used specifically for hurricane relief assistance, remaining proceeds will be used for a similar purpose of helping ASU students in need. Thank you for your continued support of our PitchFunder, and ultimately of our ASU community!


Choose a giving level


Get involved

A simple gift of $10 is an easy way to get involved


Feed a family

A gift of this amount could provide dinner for a family in need


Clothe a child

A gift of this amount could provide clothing for a child of one of our students


Buy a Book

A gift of this amount could provide a new textbook for a student who lost his/her books


Purchase equipment

A gift of this amount could provide supplies needed for an online class


Clear out damaged homes

A gift of this amount could help with debris and hazardous material removal