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K12 Engineering Events

Help support the next generation of problem-solvers, leaders, world changers and engineers!

K12 Engineering Events

Throughout the year, the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) hosts a multitude of events designed to engage PreK- Community College students through sparking and fostering an interest in engineering and STEM. Community support is one of the driving forces behind the success of these events.


The Fulton Schools Engineering Education Outreach team is fostering awareness, engagement, interest, opinion-formation and understanding of STEM fields and engineering practices by providing quality programs and partnerships for PreK-Community College students, teachers and families throughout Arizona.


Engineering and STEM-based jobs are in high demand for qualified, diverse and skilled employees — with no signs of stopping. Today’s youth will become the trained workforce of the future working to make the world more sustainable, healthy, secure and joyful. If we don’t invest in developing the next-generation of engineers, thinkers, makers and doers, we prolong the quest to solve the great challenges facing the world. The Fulton Schools are passionate about investing in Arizona’s youth, and invite you to join this world-changing endeavor.


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